El discurso político indígena en América Latina

Palabras clave

ideología étnica
sistema cognitivo
movilizaciones indígenas
frame analysis
América Latina

Cómo citar

Suárez, Águeda G. (2014). El discurso político indígena en América Latina. Desacatos. Revista De Ciencias Sociales, (24). https://doi.org/10.29340/24.607


This paper attempts to make a meticulous analysis of the political messages constructed by some prominent indigenous movements in LatinAmerica. In order to do so, the author chose the theoretical framework called frame analysis —an analytical category originated by Goffman’s symbolic interactionism— which today is regarded as a central element in the identity formation of social actors and their “social performance”. The systematization of certain significant ideas that shape the indigenous ideological matrix into several “frameworks of interpretation” is performed by these social subjects with the purpose of projecting unto others an image that generates certain impressions in their audience and defines a set of problems, their causes, their solutions and the adversaries. The “political success” of their proposals and political program depends on the resonance that these “frameworks” can achieve with different internal and external audiences.