El dilema corporativo del comunalismo forestal

Palabras clave

comunalismo forestal
sociedad campesina
economía aldeana
ethos comunitariol
hegemonía comuna

Cómo citar

Garibay, C. (2014). El dilema corporativo del comunalismo forestal. Desacatos. Revista De Ciencias Sociales, (23). https://doi.org/10.29340/23.643


This paper reflects on the effect that communal forestry ventures have on the social order of traditional indigenous peasant communities. From a material standpoint, the paper analyses the transformation of a family-oriented economy to a collectivist system that involves whole villages. In the realm of social reciprocity there’s a shift from a liberal mode to a corporate one. In the political order there’s an evolution towards a centralized self-government and a strong authority.This transformation process can be exemplified by the amazing case of the San Pedro el Alto Zapotec community, located on the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca.